Why is My Car Battery Dead?

Why is My Car Battery Dead?Your car's battery has a pretty important job, which is to provide the electrical power necessary to get your car started when you turn the key (or in many new cars, push the ignition button). It can be extremely frustrating if you go to start your car and nothing happens, except maybe one or two slow cranks of the engine. There are many things that can kill a battery, such as the following.

Door ajar/lights on

Leaving a door ajar accidently or using the vehicle's lights or radio with the engine off can drain the battery's power. When the vehicle is running additional electricity is created by the alternator, but when the engine isn't purring, you're simply using what's stored in the battery. In this case, jump starting your vehicle will have you back on the road.

Bad alternator

As mentioned, it is the alternator that produces electrical power as the vehicle engine operates. While much of what it produces goes into the operation of power options, the radio, lights and keeping the spark plugs firing, excess is stored in the battery. A failing alternator will often result in strange operation of your radio, lights or windows before it dies completely.

Failed relay switch

Electrical systems utilize relay switches, which act as an on or off switch. If a relay switch becomes stuck in the on position, that system will continue to draw electricity, even when the car is off, which can then drain the battery and cause damage to the system. If you experience a continuously dead battery, you'll need to visit a shop for further diagnostics.

End of battery life

All car batteries have an estimated lifespan that generally falls between 2-5 years, depending on the type of battery. End of life for a battery is typically one reason you'll continuously experience a dead battery, even after a jump start.

Dead batteries are frustrating, but fixing them is often pretty easy. If you need a car battery replacement in Appleton North visit the team at Auto Select. We offer batteries for all makes and models at our full service auto repair shop. Give us a call at (920) 364-9540 to schedule expert auto repair in Appleton today.

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