What are the signs of alternator failure?

What are the signs of alternator failure?If your vehicle's alternator fails, you may well find yourself stranded and in a tricky situation. It's your alternator that generates the power that your engine needs to fire up and for your electrical accessories to work as they should. Here's a look at five common signs of an alternator problem.

Dashboard Indicator Light

This will often be the initial sign of an issue with your alternator. If your vehicle features dashboard indication for this problem, you may well see the letters ALT or GEN become illuminated.

Dead Battery

Although a battery can eventually die by simply reaching the end of its life cycle, if your battery is a newer one and has died, then you have reason to be suspicious of your alternator---unless of course you forgot to turn your headlights off.

Headlights Going Dim

Your alternator powers up your headlights. If your lights have been dimming or flickering, then the alternator may well be to blame.

Stalling Out

Your alternator keeps your pistons pumping. In the event that it fails, you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

Electrical Accessory Failure

If it seems that your vehicle's electrical accessories---such as your radio and power windows---are not getting sufficient juice, then this could also be indicative of an alternator problem.

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