Top Signs it is Time for Engine Repair

Top Signs it is Time for Engine RepairThere are many components within your car that work together to get you from point A to point B, but at the heart of it all is the engine. Under the hood of your car the power that moves you is produced by pumping pistons, spinning cams, and other parts. If there is trouble in the engine you will often be able to tell based on one of the following issues. If you ever suspect engine trouble be sure to visit the auto shop for engine diagnostics as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light

Your car is stuffed full of sensors and microprocessors that keeps tabs on performance aspects of the engine. If it is not working to the best of its abilities the check engine light will come on. Often times this indicates a small issue, but the longer you wait the worse it will get.

Knocking Noise

Engine bearings are what support the motion of the moving engine parts. If the bearings wear out, which can happen due to high mileage or a lack of lubrication caused by insufficient oil, they will begin to create a knocking noise that rises and falls in repetition that mirrors the engine RPMs. Any strange noises will warrant a trip to the auto shop.

Decreased Performance

Have you noticed yourself having to fill up at the gas pump more often than normal? Does your car seem to idle rough or even stall? Is it having trouble getting up to speed? These are all signs of engine problems that need to be addressed to prevent them from getting worse.

Increased Exhaust

An increase in exhaust smoke is a sure sign of engine trouble. The color of the smoke often indicates the type of issue on board. Black smoke means to much gasoline is being used by the engine. Blue smoke is a sign of oil being burned up in the combustion chamber. White smoke is an indication of coolant leaking into the combustion chamber.


No fluids should ever drip from your car. If you spot a puddle forming under your car you will want to visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible. Common leaks include oil leaks, coolant leaks and transmission fluid leaks.

If you believe that your car is suffering from engine trouble be sure to visit your local auto repair shop as soon as possible. When it is time for engine repair in Appleton North head to Auto Select. Our expert auto repair technicians utilize the latest diagnostic and repair equipment to pinpoint trouble. Give us a call at (920) 364-9540 to request an estimate for auto repair in Appleton North. We look forward to getting you back on the road, fast!

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