Is it Time for a Wheel Alignment?

Is it Time for a Wheel Alignment?There are many services that our vehicles require to remain in the best possible shape. While oil changes may come as second nature, some of those services, such as wheel alignments, are often forgot about. Wheel alignment is critical for ensuring that your car drives straight as an arrow without any extra effort. Alignment can be thrown off after a run due to general wear and tear or a run in with a curb, pothole or a larger collision. If you notice any of the following issues be sure to visit your local auto shop for a professional wheel alignment.

Shaking Steering Wheel

One of the most common signs of alignment trouble is a steering wheel that shakes back and forth. This will occur due to bad alignment because at least one tire is pointed in a direction that is different from the others, which pulls the vehicle in two different directions.

Off Center Steering Wheel

Another symptom of poor alignment is if you have to hold the steering wheel at a strange angle to get your vehicle to travel straight. Your steering wheel should never fight with you in order to keep the car going in the direction you want it to.


Does it seem as if your vehicle is always trying to move left or right? You guessed it, poor wheel alignment. This type of issue presents serious control concerns and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible to reduce the possibility of an accident.

Uneven Tire Wear

If you are experiencing any of the above it is important to check your vehicle's tires for uneven tread wear. If a tire on side of the car has different wear patterns from that of the tire directly opposite, you can bet big on alignment troubles.

Always pay attention to how your vehicle is driving, if it seems off, it probably is. When it's time for a wheel alignment in Appleton visit Auto Select. Our expert auto repair team will have your car driving straight and easy in no time. To schedule any sort of auto repair in Appleton give us a call at (920) 364-9540 today.

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