Tire Talk - What to Know for When Buying New Tires

Tire Talk - What to Know for When Buying New TiresIf you believe your vehicle is ready for new tires it's likely because you noticed worn tread, cracked rubber or increased stopping distance related to the poor grip the tires have on the road. Purchasing new tires can seem like a difficult task, especially if the technician is throwing around tire terms you don't know. In order to simplify the tire buying process here are a few key words that are important to understand.

Tread lug

The tread lug, commonly referred to simply as tread, is the part or the tire that contacts the road, providing the necessary grip to keep your car properly controlled. The part of the tread that is currently contacting the road at any particular time is referred to as the footprint.

Tread Void

The gaps between raised sections of tread are referred to as the tread void. These areas allow tires to pass over water, mud, snow and other conditions while maintaining traction. Tires with higher tread void are better in wet conditions, while those with lower amounts of tread void are perfect for dry roads.


The inner edge of the tire, which contacts the wheel rim, is referred to as the bead. It is often made of a strong rubber reinforced with steel wiring to keep a tight fit against the wheel rim as the tire spins.


Tires are composed of multiple layers of rubber called plys. Different types of tires are manufactured with a different amount of plys, as the number of plys can affect handling under different conditions.

Wear Bar

Tires are equipped with a wear bar that indicates if they are worn. The wear bar consists of lowered pieces of rubber within the tread void. As the tread wears it will become flush with this wear bar, which means it is time for new tires!

If your vehicle is due for new tires it's important to get them as soon as you can. Old tires may go flat, cause dangerous control problems and even lower your MPGs. If you need new tires in Appleton North visit Auto Select. Our team will work with you to ensure you understand exactly what you're getting, and that what you purchase is the right choice for your car. Give us a call at (920) 364-9540 to learn more about our inventory of tires for sale in North Appleton.

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