These 4 Problems Mean it is Time for Suspension Repair

These 4 Problems Mean it is Time for Suspension RepairThe suspension in your vehicle does more than just provide you with a comfy ride. It's a critical safety component that also prevents your car from losing control or rolling over on bumpy terrain or while going around a bend. If your suspension fails you are more likely to be involved in an accident due to an inability to properly control your car. If you experience any of the following signs of suspension trouble be sure to visit your local auto shop right away to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

One Corner of the Car is Low

If it appears that a single corner of your car is resting lower than the others, but the tire is not low on air, there is a good chance the suspension components have bit the dust. This will cause the vehicle to drift to one side, not only causing control problems but also creating an alignment problem that will also need to be resolved.

Rolling Feeling

Does your car make you feel as if you're on a roller coaster while going around a corner? If you ever feel like the car is rolling or going to spin out of control, rollover or just not go where you want it to, there is a good chance the issue is being caused by suspension issues. When a vehicle turns the suspension system shifts the vehicle's center of gravity to ensure a stable ride.

Oil on the Struts

One of the first signs your suspension needs service is often characterized by an oil on the struts. The struts use a special type of oil to control ride height and absorb bumps and dips in the road to keep the car under control. If the oil leaks from the struts you will quickly notice a more rough ride.

Bounce Tests

If you think you're suffering from some sort of suspension problem you can test its performance by conducting a bounce test. Push down on the hood or trunk a few times to make the car bounce. After the car moves up and down 2-3 times it should return to normal ride height and come to a stand still. If it keeps bouncing you definitely need some sort of suspension repair.

Don't put up with a bouncy ride caused by unhealthy suspension. Have it replaced or repaired to ensure a comfortable and safe car. If you need suspension repair in Appleton North you will want to head to Auto Select. Our team of professional auto repair techs will ensure your car rides like new. Give us a call at (920) 364-9540 to schedule auto repair in Appleton North with our experts.

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