Understanding Tire Maintenance

Understanding Tire MaintenanceTires don't get enough credit for the work they do! They have a ton of responsibility, as they are what connects your vehicle to the ground! They help with vehicle control, effective braking, provide a comfortable ride and get you everywhere you want to go! It is important to ensure your car's tires are in good shape to avoid blowouts that can cause vehicle damage or auto accidents. Follow these steps for routine tire maintenance and protection!

Visual inspection

You should regularly conduct a visual inspection of your tires to check for wear and damage. If a tire seems low on air check for screws, bolts or other items stuck in the tread. Be sure to check the sidewalls for cracking or bubbling rubber. These are all signs it is likely time for new tires. Also note how the tread is wearing; do the tires look the same on both sides of an axle? If not you may have an alignment issue.

Tire Pressure Indicator

Most new cars and trucks have a dashboard indicator light that will illuminate if tire pressure is incorrect. However, you can also purchase a tire pressure reader for a few dollars at your local car parts store if your vehicle is not equipped with this light. It's important to monitor tire pressure to ensure optimal control and safety. Low tire pressure causes the outsides of the tire's tread to wear faster than normal and it can reduce cornering control and gas mileage will drop by 20 percent or more! Tire pressure that is too high can wear out the center of the tire's tread faster than normal, decrease braking power and reduce your ability to properly control your car.

Tire Rotation

At least every 10,000 miles you should have your tires rotated to prevent two tires from going bald before the other two. If a car is front wheel drive the front tires will wear quicker than the rear ones because of the distribution of engine power, and vice versa.

Don't neglect your car's tires. Pay attention to any signs you many need new ones. If you need new tires in Appleton head to Auto Select Express.Our team will gladly help you find new tires for your car, no matter what you drive. To request more information give us a call at (920) 734-0555 or stop by our Appleton auto repair shop today.

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