Keys to Understanding New Tires

Keys to Understanding New TiresWhen it comes time to purchase new tires it can be an uncomfortable conversation to have with a tire technician if they are throwing around terms that make no sense to you. While a customer oriented shop will try to break down exactly what they're talking about, it can be good to go in with a basic understanding of the product you're looking to buy. The following are a few terms about tires that will help you understand the tires you may end up buying.

Tread lug

The tread lug, often referred to simply as the tread, is the section of the tire that makes contact with the roadway, providing the traction to keep your car traveling in the direction you want it to. The tread lug currently in contact with the road at any given time is known as the footprint.

Tread Void

The gaps between the raised section of the tread is known as the tread void. These are the spaces that route water, mud, snow and other road debris to keep the vehicle under control and to prevent hydroplaning. Tires with large amounts of tread void will perform better in rainy areas, and those with less tread void are designed for dry conditions.


The tire's shoulder is where the tread lug turns into the tire's sidewall.


Modern tires of composed of layers of rubber known as plys. The number of plys used can alter multiple aspects of a tire's performance and handling capabilities.

Wear Bar

You can check the tire's tread level against to the wear bar to see if it is time for new tires. The wear bar consists of lowered pieces of rubber within the tread void.


The inner edge of a tire, where it contacts the metal wheel rim, is referred to as the tire bead. It is made of strong rubber that is reinforced with steel wiring to ensure it stays tight against the rim.

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