Top Signs that You Need to Replace Your Fuel Filter

Top Signs that You Need to Replace Your Fuel FilterWhen it comes to routine auto maintenance, changing out your fuel filter might not be the first task that comes to mind. Nonetheless, it's an important one considering the valuable role that the fuel filter plays in preventing debris like dirt and paint chips from being sucked down by your engine as it guzzles fuel. If the fuel filter becomes too clogged up, it could actually prevent you from starting your car. The important thing is being able to recognize the symptoms of a problem so that you can go ahead and get it changed out before it becomes a hazard. Here's a look at five signs of a fuel filter problem.

Difficulty Starting

While this issue might occur because of a variety of issues, one possibility is that you have a partially-clogged fuel filter.

No Start

This could be an indication that you've gone so long without a fuel filter change that your engine has now become incapable of receiving the gasoline that it needs to fire up and get moving down the road.

Herky Jerky Idle

If you're just sitting there waiting for a stoplight to change, and then your vehicle begins vibrating, this could be an indication that your engine is struggling to draw fuel because of a partially-clogged filter.

Struggles at Low Speeds

Another sign of a partially-clogged filter is that your car will struggle to get up to speed, but then once you've reached freeway speed, it cruises along just fine.

Car Dies in Traffic

This could be a sign that your vehicle finally hit the point where the filter became so clogged up that fuel simply couldn't be properly drawn by the engine. In such an instance, there's a good chance that symptoms of a clogged filter had already been present.

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