9 Auto Maintenance and Driving Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency this Summer

9 Auto Maintenance and Driving Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency this SummerSummer is the time of year when people start to get itchy feet to pack up the car and hit the road. As you get ready to take off on your next cross country trek be sure your car is ready to take on the miles and provide you with the best fuel efficiency possible. Here are eight tips to take you farther on a single tank of gas.

1. Follow the speed limit

For every 5 miles an hour you travel over 60 MPH your car will drop its fuel efficiency by about 5 percent.

2. Avoid car top carriers

If possible, store your luggage in the car or get a rear mounted carrier. Luggage on top of the car increases air drag, reducing your miles per gallon.

3. Install a new air filter

If the air filter in your car becomes clogged up the engine won't be able to run off a proper air/fuel mixture. In order to compensate for the lack of airflow the car will burn excessive amounts of fuel, which can lead to other problems for your engine.

4. Install new Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs are what ignite the air/fuel mixture and if they become dirty or corroded they can misfire, creating an engine that runs rough and wastes gas.

5. Take only what you need

When you're on your trip or just driving around town be sure your car is not full of excessive cargo that weighs down the vehicle. Every 100 pounds added to a car drops fuel efficiency by about 1 percent.

6. Use cruise control

In order to maintain a constant speed and avoid unnecessary acceleration, which wastes gas, use your car's cruise control option.

7. Don't idle long

Stopping to check out a roadside attraction? Shut off your car! It's a myth that it takes extra fuel to start a car, so by keeping yours running you're just wasting gas!

8. Properly inflate your tires

If your vehicle's tires are underinflated it will take more engine power to make them spin due to the resistance they will generate thanks to their increased footprint. This of course means more gas is used, lowering your fuel efficiency.

9. Keep up with scheduled auto maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your car running well and achieving the highest possible MPGs is by keeping up with regular maintenance, including oil changes and tire services. If you need scheduled auto maintenance in Appleton or just want an opinion on the road trip worthiness of your car get in touch with Auto Select Express. Our experts will have your car running great in to time! Give us a call at (920) 734-0555 to schedule expert auto maintenance in Appleton East.

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