Why are Oil Changes so Important?

Why are Oil Changes so Important?When it comes to auto maintenance there is one service that is necessary much more often than any others: oil changes. Fresh oil is integral to a healthy vehicle and the oil change process allows your car to run with ease. By keeping up with oil changes you will be able to rack up as many miles as possible on the odometer. Here are the main ways that oil changes keep your engine healthy.

Clean out the engine

When the motor is running oil circulates through the engine to provide proper lubrication to the moving parts. As it moves about it also collects dirt, dust, metal flakes and other contaminants and deposits them in the oil filter. When an oil change is completed all of the old oil is drained and the oil filter is replaced, thus removing this harmful debris from the interior of your vehicle's motor. If left unchanged these particles can cause massive damage to your engine's main components.

Reduce engine operating temperature

Fresh oil helps reduce the engine operating temperature in a few different ways. Not only is oil able to absorb heat but also it helps prevent heat creation by reducing the friction between the moving parts. While the cooling system can generally prevent excessive heat from causing damage, it doesn't access the same areas as engine oil.

Ensures proper engine lubrication

The most important reason to keep up with oil changes, which are necessary for most vehicles every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, is because that fresh oil ensures that that there is the necessary lubrication to prevent harsh metal on metal contact. Excessive friction can cause all sorts of engine problems that could result in a need for major engine repair.

Don't put off oil changes. They are a simple way to keep your car running great. When it is time for an oil change in Appleton visit the team at Auto Select Express. We provide fast, affordable light maintenance for all makes and models. To learn more about our services or to schedule auto maintenance in Appleton give us a call at (920) 734-0555 today.

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