Need light auto maintenance in Appleton? Visit a reputable expert!

Need light auto maintenance in Appleton? Visit a reputable expert!Whether you're taking long road trips across the country or just driving from home to work and back each day, your miles add up all the same. As your odometer climbs, wear and tear is taking its toll on your vehicle. To help keep your car or truck running as strongly as possible, it's important that you keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. Here's a look at six maintenance services provided by a reputable express auto shop in Appleton.

Oil Change in Appleton

One of the greatest favors you can do for your engine is ensure that it is consistently running on a proper amount of clean oil.

30/60/90k Factory-Scheduled Maintenance

Your car came off of the assembly line with a maintenance plan already established. By adhering to your maintenance plan, you'll help to ensure that your vehicle continues to perform at a high level, while also maintaining the validity of your warranty.


The general rule of thumb is that, once your odometer crosses the 100,000 mile marker, you should get in for a tune-up every 10,000 to 20,000 miles that follow.

Fluid Flushes

From brakes to transmission to power steering, you'll want to make sure that your vehicle is kept healthy with proper fluid levels.

Wheel Alignment

One indication that your vehicle needs wheel alignment is that it has developed a tendency to drift.

Tire Rotation

Rotation is needed to help ensure that the wear on your tires remains even.

If you're in need of factory auto maintenance or light repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable auto shop. For factory auto maintenance and oil changes in Appleton, WI, the experts to contact are at Auto Select at (920) 734-0555. Go ahead and give Auto Select a call today to find out about current specials!

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