Why is my check engine light on?

Why is my check engine light on?When the check engine light illuminates, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're on the verge of automotive disaster. Nonetheless, you'll want to be proactive about getting to the shop for diagnostics so that you can hopefully nip in the bud any problems before they become more costly. Here's a look at six common reasons a check engine light turns on.

Failing Ignition Coil

The ignition coil plays a critical role in creating the spark needed for your engine to fire up on all cylinders. Sometimes ignition coils will fail because of extreme weather temperatures.

Bad Battery or Charging System

When a battery is failing, it can result in low voltage at the computer, which can consequently cause the check engine light to turn on.

Poorly-Fitting Gas Cap

If your gas cap is loose or ill-fitting, then fuel may evaporate before you even get the chance to use it---and your check engine light could actually be triggered.

Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor

This keeps tabs on incoming air and calculates how much fuel should be injected with it. If this is what's triggering your check engine light, it shouldn't be very expensive to get it repaired.

Failing Catalytic Converter

A problem with your catalytic converter, however, could cost you a decent chunk of change. Still, it's an issue that will need to be quickly addressed because of the important purpose of the catalytic convertor, which is to turn carbon monoxide into an emission that isn't as harmful to the environment.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Your oxygen sensor monitors the amount of unburned oxygen in your exhaust system. Issues with the oxygen sensor can result in worsening fuel-efficiency, as well as problems with the catalytic converter.

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