What is Routine Auto Maintenance?

What is Routine Auto Maintenance?When it comes to taking care of your car it is important that you provide it with the routine maintenance its engine, transmission and other systems require to remain in prime operating condition. If you are unsure what type of maintenance your vehicle requires you can check your owner's manual to find out, as this will also detail the time frames or mileage markers that dictate when these services are necessary. The following are a few of the most common auto maintenance services.

Oil Change

The most frequent service required by any type of automobile is the oil change. Oil changes are necessary every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to ensure the moving parts of the motor remain sufficiently lubricated.

Timing Belt

If your vehicle uses a timing belt it is critical that you have it replaced at the suggested milage point. Putting off timing belt replacement could result in the belt snapping, which would essentially send the engine into a catastrophic breakdown that may require a complete engine rebuild or replacement to remedy.

Transmission Service

Both automatic and manual transmission vehicles require routine transmission service. Transmission service includes draining the old fluid, removing the transmission pan, replacing or cleaning the transmission filter, if needed, and reinstalling the pan after cleaning it, with a new gasket. New fluid will then be added.

Fluid Flush

Much like the transmission fluid and engine oil, other fluids used by your car need to be drained and refilled on occasion to ensure they are free of contaminants. This is called a fluid flush. Your car will at times require a coolant flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush and differential flush.

30/60/90K Service

Most other services will fall under 30/60/90K maintenance, which are services that are completed every 30,000 miles. This may include computer diagnostics, safety checks, belt and hose replacement air filter and fuel filter replacements, spark plug and spark plug wire replacements, battery service and more.

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