Are my brakes going bad?

Are my brakes going bad?It's impossible to predict when a deer might dart out onto the highway or when an intoxicated driver will fly through a red light. However, you can take the proper precautions with your brakes so that---in the event that the unexpected does occur---you can stop as quickly and safely as possible. If you suspect an issue with your braking system, you'll want to soon get to the shop. Here's a look at six signs that you need brake repair.

ABS Light Turns On

These letters stand for anti-lock braking system and if they become illuminated on your dash, then a problem has been detected with your brakes that should be brought to a mechanic's attention.

Squealing Noise

A high-pitched squealing sound suggests that the little piece of metal attached to the brake pad has started to rub against the rotor.


This could mean that your brake pads have more or less disintegrated. With this symptom, there's also reason to be concerned about damage to your discs.

Veering to One Side

If when you step on the brake pedal you veer to one direction, then you have a problem that needs to be immediately addressed. This could mean that corrosion has caused a caliper to freeze up. Regardless of the cause, you'll want to get to the shop quickly because you no longer have full control over your vehicle and could pose a danger to yourself, as well as others on the road.

Brake Fluid Leak

For optimal and reliable brake function, a proper fluid level should consistently be maintained.


Warped rotors could be the source of the vibrations.

If you're in need of brake repair, be sure to visit a reputable mechanic. For brake repair in Appleton East, WI, the experts to contact are at Auto Select at (920) 993-3339. Feel free to give Auto Select a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your repair or maintenance needs!

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