Road Trip Checklist for Automotive Reliability & Safety

Road Trip Checklist for Automotive Reliability & SafetySpring is the time of year that many people begin to plan their summer vacations. All across America families are preparing to jump in there vehicles and travel to the mountains, the ocean, or their favorite community campground. Before you head off on your next road trip be sure your vehicle is ready for the journey ahead of it. Here are a few tips to ensure automotive reliability and safety during your next road trip.

Lights & Wipers

You never know when you are going to get caught in the rain. Make sure that the vehicle's wipers are in good working condition. Also double check that all headlights, taillights, blinkers and brake lights are working to maximize visibility.

Battery Check

It would be quite a bummer to have your battery die in the middle of a trip. A local auto repair shop can complete a battery check to ensure that won't happen.


You're going to be covering a lot of extra miles, so be sure the rubber is ready for the road. Cracked, bubbling or dull tires need to be replaced for control and safety reasons.


If due for a fluid flush, doing so before the trip would be a good move. Check to see if your car needs a transmission fluid flush, coolant flush, power steering flush or other fluid services.

Oil Change

Don't leave without having an oil change completed. Fresh oil maximizes fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Tune Up

Performing tune up services, such as installing new spark plugs or replacing the air and fuel filters, can have a positive impact on your fuel efficiency.

Safety Kit

Who knows what will happen on your adventure, so be prepared for anything by preparing a safety kit.

Routine auto maintenance is key to a healthy car. Getting caught up with needed services before a trip will help ensure everything goes off without a hitch. If you need scheduled auto maintenance in Appleton visit Auto Select! We do it all! Give us a call at (920) 993-3339 to schedule auto maintenance in Appleton today.

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