Common Signs it is Time for General Auto Repair

Common Signs it is Time for General Auto RepairWhen it comes to detecting car trouble it is important to pay attention to how your car is acting. In many circumstances surrounding a rising issue, your vehicle will display obvious symptoms of the problem it is experiencing. It is important that you act on these signs by getting to a local auto shop for further diagnostics. The following are a few of the most common signs of car trouble.

Strange Noises

Many issues will result in the creation of weird noises coming from your car. Some of the most common problems that create noise are low brake pads, which result in a squealing as you try and slow your vehicle, a grinding noise that occurs if your car is low on transmission fluid, or a knocking noise under the hood if the engine bearings are worn out.


Shaking and vibrating felt while you drive is an obvious sign of trouble. If your car's gas pedal leaks, there is likely an exhaust leak. A vibrating brake pedal is a clear indication of warped rotors. If the steering wheel seems to shake, it's time for a wheel alignment.


Your car uses a number of specialized fluids to operate, and none of them should ever leak from your car. Common auto leaks include oil leaks, coolant leaks and transmission fluid leaks. If you spot something dripping from your vehicle be sure to visit your local auto repair center for further diagnostics.


A pulling sensation, meaning your car is constantly trying to go left or right, is a serious issue that should be dealt with ASAP due to the control problems it presents. You may experience pulling if you are having tire issues, have a bent rim, need a wheel alignment, have suspension problems or if your vehicle has a stuck brake pad, along with other problems.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

A common signs that your vehicle requires repair is if a dashboard indicator light comes on. These lights include the check engine light, the ABS light, the TPMS light and others. Your car's sensor system will illuminate a light if a problem is detected within the system that it operates.

It is up to you to keep your vehicle safe to drive. If you notice any signs of car trouble don't hesitate to get to a repair shop. When it is time for auto repair in Appleton East, visit Auto Select. Our team of qualified auto repair technicians will ensure your car is ready to go when it leaves our shop. Call us at (920) 993-3339 to schedule expert auto repair in Appleton today.

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